Handmade Reproductions

of Early American Lighting

from the Candle Holder to the Oil Period

1620 to 1850



What Sets Period Lighting Fixtures Apart

An exceptional reproduction lighting fixture, like an exceptional antique, is a marriage of four components: design, construction, finish, and ability & sensitivity of the maker. Slight any one and the result will be inferior. The designs in this catalog are faithful reproductions and always pleasing to the eye. They are free of the awkwardness so prevalent in most other reproductions. In all cases the fixtures have been made to look old. Through special techniques, the various finishes will appear exactly as an original, indistinquishable from antiques two hundred years old or more. We are certain that once the decision is made to place one or more of our fixtures in the proper setting of your home, it will remain a permanent part of you and will not yield to disillusionment, boredom, or change.


Many designs of early lighting reproductions, licensed and authenticated by America's most famous historical museums are available only through Period Lighting Fixtures. We are proud of the unique relationships we have established in over 30 years of making historic lighting.

Through our catalogs, you have access to these rare and beautiful designs, many of which have never before been reproduced. Each is meticulously handcrafted to the highest artistic standards of construction and form, including the antique-like finishes. We are not a large manufactory, but rather a small group of New England craftspeople intent upon investing our skills and artistry in a product of rare hand-made beauty and quality.

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