Once rather simple lighting devices, chandeliers have evolved into a statement of taste. Nowadays, they are often the pieces de resistance of a well decorated dining room or kitchen.

Wood-turned balusters supported thin iron arms, octopus fashion, on the ends of which perched the candles and bobeches. From primitive to elaborate settings, it was not long before they were the most decorative feature of the room.


Proper Size

The concern most often expressed when selecting the proper chandelier is size. A general rule is not to be afraid of a fixture being too large for a room; our chandeliers all have an open, airy design. More often than not, too small is the problem. The proper size should relate to the scale of the room and the size of the table or counter over which it is to hang. In rooms of average size (about 12 x 14 feet), we suggest chandeliers in the range of 12-24" in diameter. In larger rooms (14 x 16 feet or more), we recommend chandeliers at least 24-30" in diameter. You may wish to consider our double or triple-tiered chandeliers, depending on the desired effect.


Proper Height

How high or low should a chandelier hang? The bobeches, or drip pans, at the base of the candle should be about 37-39 " above the table, depending on whether your preference is for coziness or formality. The bulbs should appear at about eye level when entering the room. If walking beneath the fixture is planned, calculate a minimum of 78" of clearance. Remember that our ceiling canopies project downward 2 1/2".



Proper Light Levels

When electrified, all chandeliers and sconces are wired with candelabra base sockets. These sockets are concealed by our hand-dipped wax covers. Commercial bulbs range from 7 1/2 to 60 watts. Most people achieve adequate illumination and atmospheric low ambient light with bulbs of 25 watt or less. There is little glare from the larger bulbs, but low wattage bulbs are physically smaller and more pleasing to the eye. We recommend clear bulbs and offer only the 7 1/2, 10, 15, 25, and 40 watt sizes. The lower wattages are usually sufficient when the total wattage is calculated from the number of candle arms present. For task lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, and work areas, you may wish to complement our lighting fixture with modern recessed lighting. We also recommend a dimmer switch to achieve the desired level of atmospheric lighting.


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